Free Speech

What it is and isn’t because I am tired of the right wing saying the left is trying to “impede on their rights” when they aren’t.

  1. The First Amendment protects speech from the government only. Not me not you, not Fox Nation, not Think Progress, not websites. Just the government.
  2. Websites and blogs have a right to moderate and delete any comment or content they do not agree with or that does not abide by the Terms of Service that one agrees to when they sign up; paid for or not and this action does not violate one’s right to free speech it is a consequence of the speech.
  3. If a group does not agree or like any statement that was made by a party; they are then allowed to use their right to free speech to say that it is incorrect.
  4. Any consequence that results from the implied speech is also not a violation of the First Amendment as the statement was made freely and not censored by the government and the speaker is entirely responsible for the speech and the resulting action.

Let’s stop twisting the Constitution in an attempt to vilify the “liberals” or at least try wrapping your head around these simple concepts.