Walker: Pass My Bill or Lose Your Jobs!

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When you are in a losing game, public opinion is against you, and campaigns have been mounted to remove your supporting senators from office the logical choice would be to re-evaluate the bill you are trying to pass.

But then you wouldn’t be Scott Walker.

So far this week he has threatened to lay off employees if his AWOL democrats don’t return or the bill does not pass, taken to childish measures of revoking the photocopy privileges for the democratic senators, and issued orders for the arrest of the democrats.

Resorting to blackmail, gross abuse of power, and resembling a dictator? Well, at least it is what I would expect from the neo-conservative party.

Funny, how all of this could have been avoided by compromise instead of thuggery, isn’t it?

When you have some one in office who is willing to shut everything down, waste time, money and resources just so they can have it their way, the democratic process is truly lost.

Even in during the Health Care Reform and Wall Street “Reform” ideas were excepted from the opposing party; not that Fox News was going to let any one know that. Over partisanship does little more than create chaos and create oppression.

Lastly, a particular media outlet would have us believe that these people are thugs, rather than the people who protect you, keep you alive when your sick or injured, keep your house from burning down, and babysit your children for 9 hours a day. This network would also like us to believe that this is some how the fault of the democrats and their “running” away was immoral or somehow incorrect. What they don’t mention; however, is that one Abraham Lincoln who, at the time, was a state representative and did the exact same thing as the Wisconsin Democrats.

Regardless of the viewpoint, the people have a right to be heard and represented; trying to prevent that is the biggest mockery of the political process and the Constitution that there is. The fact that these actions are coming from the so-called party of “Constitution” believers tell me as much as I need to know, it also tells me that they haven’t actually taken the time to read it.


Dear GOP: Where are the Jobs?

John Boehner, Weeper of the House

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In the 2010 election cycle the Republican’s depended on jobs and job creation to propel themselves to the majority in many states and in the House of Representatives; however, they seem to have misplaced where the jobs are found and have gone as far as moving to cut jobs.

In the most recent news John Boehner states that he will cut Medicare and Social Security. I wonder where those old folks with their utterly perplexing “keep your government out of my Medicare” signs are… He stated that “most Americans don’t have a clue [about] how big the problem is” and that “once they understand how big the problem is, I think people will be more receptive to what the possible solutions may be.”

But, once again we are passing on the perceived debt problem to the backs of the middle class and retired, and this doesn’t create any jobs. Additionally, people don’t get any more out of social security than what has been put in. The fact that it is even included in this as a “cut” only tells me that they want to take retirement funds to pay off their war.

In a similar move Boehner is pushing the defense of DOMA in the House; even though it is discriminatory and doesn’t create a single job.

With the addition of the Job and Recovery Killing Act of 2011 (HR1), which would remove 700,000 jobs from the United States thus destroy the recovery process, and many other pieces of legislation that attack woman’s reproductive rights and redefine rape, it is clear that the House Republican agenda is not to create jobs.

Lastly, Walker and Kasich, and Scott have made similar moves to kill a train project that would have brought jobs to their states, as well as taking steps to end collective bargaining, which has nothing to do with the debt or creating jobs as well as reduce dependence on Big Oil for commute. While others are focusing on banning Sharia Law and creating personal anti-immigration armies.

Will the GOP ever create jobs? Don’t hold your breath.

What’s the Last Thing Jan Death Panels Brewer Needs?

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If you answered a personal army; you would be correct!

Just in case the anti-immigration bills that dehumanize and villainize immigrants and people of color in the State of Arizona wasn’t enough, state Senator Sylvia Allen (R-stupidity) wants to give the Anti-Immigration Queen her own personal army.

Allen’s bill establishes a “state guard” that operated independently of the National Guard and gives Brewer the ability to create this army for any reason she sees fit:

Section 1. Section 26-174, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended to read:

Arizona state guard; establishment; purpose; appropriations

A. If the national guard of Arizona or a major portion thereof is called into active federal service, or if the national guard or a major portion thereof is alerted for federal service or for any other reason the governor considers to be necessary, the governor may establish an armed force for the safety and protection of the lives and property of the citizens of the state which shall be known as the Arizona state guard.

B. The Arizona state guard shall insofar as practicable be governed by and subject to the laws of the state pertaining to the national guard. The governor shall issue or cause to be issued rules and regulations to govern administration and organization of the state guard.

C. Appropriations made to the national guard shall be deemed appropriated to both the national guard and the Arizona state guard, if and when the latter organization is established, and any funds which that are unexpended from appropriations to the national guard may be used for establishment and maintenance of the Arizona state guard.

If you don’t see the obvious problem with this; then you quite possibly need to go read a few history books and see how this normally plays out.

There is so much room for abuse of power in this that it doesn’t need to be stated really so we are going to move on to other underlying problems that many people don’t know about.

Arizona has a problem with neo-Nazi’s playing border control with their various militia groups. All of whom would be happy as clams to jump on board the Brewer Army and they are already frothing at the mouth with anticipation.

Most notable because of recent news is Shawna Forde; the Leader of the Minute Men, Tea Party activist and the woman who was recently sentenced to death for murdering a 9 year old girl and her father.

But it doesn’t end there.

While Forde rots away in a likely privatized hell hole of a prison (which she entirely deserves), another monster and his happy band of racist gun-toting thugs roam the desert.

JT Ready a former GOP candidate, NSM member, and Tea Party activist announced this year that he was creating his own militia called Ready’s Rangers and states that  “this is the minuteman project on steroids. We’ve got people with assault weapons. We will use lawful, deadly force when appropriate.”

Additionally, during the trail of Forde he commended her for her actions.

I don’t want to promote the idea that all militia’s are murderous racist monsters, but I am sure that the one’s that do have good intentions aren’t really willing to be out roaming the desert for “illegals” or being at the call of a Government official and that is precisely the problem.

Plagiarism Problems: Alabama Copies Wikipedia Entry for Bill

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It seems that the GOP has some plagiarism issues with their Anti-Sharia hate bill.  Who would have thought people who generalize people couldn’t think up their own reasons to hate?

According to Mother Jones the bill contains language that was copied almost word for word from an Anti-Sharia Wikipedia entry.

What’s worse is that the bills sponsor Gerald  Allen can’t even define Sharia. In a related interview he stated:

“I don’t have my file in front of me, I wish I could answer you better.”

In 2005 he had similar problems when he tired to pass a bill that would ban school libraries from purchasing literature that was composed by gay authors.

Come on, GOP, this isn’t even a challenge any more.

If you are going to write a bill banning some ones religion and you cannot come up with any reasons for doing so (not that there are any) then why exactly are you proposing the legislation?

Perhaps it is just because you are jumping on the racist political rhetoric wagon for no reason other than trying to hold on to your seat for one more term or was it that Fox News and the Tea Party hadn’t delivered your talking points yet?

Either way, this bill is neither constitutional or moral and your actions are incredibly embarrassing to the nation.

Don’t Worry Wisconsin Poor! Walker Will Help You When You Die

Herbert Spencer

So, this is an interesting disgusting and disturbing revelation that I can only see and believe is a purge of the poor.

Today Think Progress reported that Walkers budget bill slashed Wisconsin’s medicaid program and gives more funding to pay for destitute funerals:

As In These Times’s Lindsay Beyerstein notes, this new provision in the budget is coupled with another policy which seems darkly ironic when seen alongside these Medicaid cuts. The Walker budget “recommends increasing payments to counties to cover the costs of burying Wisconsinites who die destitute” — one of the few major increases in spending to be found in the document. Indeed, on page 248 of the governor’s Health and Human Services budget, Walker recommends an “increase” in “funeral and cemetery aids”.

What are you doing, Scott Walker? What exactly is going on on that pea brain of yours?!

I thought the idea was to try to keep people alive not say “Hey, its okay we’ll pay for it when you die”.

I realize that the GOP has always kept the “bootstraps survival of the fittest” mentality to an extent, but this screams Spencer’s complete misunderstanding of Darwin’s evolution theories that came to be known as social Darwinism to me and the forced reemergence of it is disturbing and disgusting.

This is not a concept that did any good for society unless of course you were a privileged white male class and it was used to oppress women, people of color, the poor and many many many immigrants because they could just dismiss their turmoil as being lazy, stupid, or “genetically inferior” to themselves. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The problem with this is that the turmoil of the lower-class and minorities (today and yesterday) were a result of social oppression and not a result of laziness, intelligence, or genetics. While the right-wing can attempt to feverishly deny that these people are somehow defective and less than human (as well as deny that they are racist, classiest, and sexist); it simply isn’t the case.

Spencer was incorrect and many people suffered for his “theory” for a very long time. There should be absolutely no desire to return to that in this society or any other.