David Koch: Funding for Cancer Research While Fighting Carcinogen Listing

David Koch

David H. Koch, a former cancer patient (wonder why) and polluter extraordinaire, donated $100 million to build a Cancer Research Center at MIT and gives an additional $211 million to help research efforts. I’m impressed,  but his company and its free pollution scheme are part of the cause of the disease its self.

I posted a few time in the past week  that his company was one of the many who were lobbying against clean air acts, but Georgia Pacific (owned by Koch Industries) has taken a significant effort in to prevent formaldehyde from being listed as a carcinogen. A 2009 study conducted by the National Cancer Institute concluded that it increases the risk for leukemia:

The study tracked twenty-five thousand patients for an average of forty years; subjects exposed to higher amounts of formaldehyde had significantly higher rates of leukemia. These results helped lead an expert panel within the National Institutes of Health to conclude that formaldehyde should be categorized as a known carcinogen, and be strictly controlled by the government.

This seems to be a conflict of interest for David and it is not the only example; earlier this week one of his in the pocket republicans stated that “pollution doesn’t affect the health of humans“; when years of research prove otherwise and common logic tells us that we aren’t meant to eat, drink, breathe factory foulness.

This is simply irrational. If one was really interested in helping the cancer fight; then logic would assume that they would be on the side of eliminating causes of cancer. Additionally, this is the same kind of backward thinking that Walker demonstrates with his cuts to Medicaid and increases to in funding for destitute funerals. People want to avoid getting sick; not maybe have a chance at being more comfortable during their chemo treatments or maybe be saved by this new technology.


Citizen Koch: David says “No Direct Support”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is a puppet for th...

Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

In an interview earlier this week with The Boston Globe David Koch denied that Koch Industries and their front groups had directly supported the campaign for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

According to the articles author David’s response to questions about the prank phone call to Walker last month was that “he no relationship with the governor and didn’t directly support him.”

But as  many other news outlets have reported there is a problem with the phone call its self in which Walker had stated that he had been in contact with Koch’s “guy on the ground”; potentially Tim Phillips who is Koch’s political deputy and the head of American’s for Prosperity a political front group for Koch Industries.

Furthermore, Think Progress has reported some troubling financial data that further puts things in to perspective when it comes to the deceit and corruption of Koch Industries and politics.

Koch Industry’s PAC provided $43,000 in funds to Walker’s gubernatorial campaign, and funneled $1.5 million to the Republican Governor’s Association, which in turn spent $65,000 supporting Walker and $3.4 million in ads attacking Walker’s Democratic opponent.

– David Koch is the founder, financier, and chairman of Americans for Prosperity, a right-wing “grassroots” front group. Americans for Prosperity, according to the New York Times, pressured Walker before he was even sworn in to take on public sector unions. Americans for Prosperity bused in Tea Party activists to support Walker’s current power grab, organized a major rally to support Walker, and has purchased $342,200 in ads supporting Walker and attacking his liberal critics. Earlier this week, Americans for Prosperity announced a ten city bus tour of Wisconsin to hold rallies to bolster Walker. Neither Koch nor Americans for Prosperity has revealed how much they are spending on this bus tour or rallies.

– Koch’s other front groups have marshaled support for Walker. The American Legislative Exchange Council, a group financed with nearly $500,000 in Koch money and lead in part by a Koch executive, has pushed anti-public sector union legislation to Walker and the Wisconsin GOP. A wide range of Koch-tied groups, like the Reason Foundation and the Cato Institute, have also sung Walker’s praise in the media.

That sounds a whole lot like direct support, David. Very much like direct support for Governor Walker. It has become plainly obvious that Koch is hiding some very dirty secrets and that they have been playing dirty politics for a rather long time and they are getting nervous.