Fox News Lies! Fox Uses Footage with Palm Trees?

Watch carefully and you will see palm trees in the background of the clip with the man pushing the “Tea Party” person. I also suspect the man with the mega phone is also a clip that is not from the Wisconsin protests.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that there were talks of busing in protesters by Dick Armey’s “FreedomWorks” and Mark Williams’ plot to infiltrate the protests as “Union Protesters” to create violence and delegitmize the movement.

The clip is said to be an isolated incident from a protest in Sacramento, California that took place earlier this week.

Last month Fox was caught flipping poll results to be in favor of their particular view point and using video clips out of context to further their union busting agenda as well as pushing a false argument on budgets and unions.

Fox News:  Unfair Unbalanced and complete propaganda.

These clips also appear on Fox Nation.