Peter King and Joseph McCarthy: More than Just Wishful Thinking.

Joseph Raymond McCarthy.

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The connection between McCarthy and Peter King (R-NY) goes further than just the idea of this hearing. As a lawyer in his younger days, Peter King worked with Roy Cohen,  the counsel that helped Joseph McCarthy prepare for his infamous trails.

So is King channeling McCarthy?

That depends entirely what side of the fence you sit on.

Fox News and other right-wing propaganda spewers are feverishly trying to promote the hearings as just “part of Kings job”, which also denies the existence of right-wing extremism and responds to reports of their rising in anger, ridicule, or downplays the situation.

Other outlets on the other hand aren’t exactly quick to point out the similarities and connections of King and McCarthy, but they at least attempt to recognize that there is probable cause for concern.

And lastly there are bloggers who are quick to tie King to McCarty to sink him, which is precisely what congress and the media should be doing.

Peter King is trying to sell the existence of a new brand of Red Scare, a sale that’s gone over pretty easily in the realm of the right, especially with the help of Fox, Glenn Beck and the rest of the bigot crew and it is something that is easily noticeable upon visiting the comment sections of any right-wing catering sites and the many bigoted fear mongering post on the Blaze and Fox Nation.

Kings actions are also something to be concerned with. If this trial really is about the threat of terrorism then why is he refusing to investigate other groups such as the “Sovereign Citizen” movement, which has recent violent activities which have been tied not only to this movement, but to Beck’s 9/12 movement as well.

Moreover, King’s plan for this hearing is to use only Muslim’s at witnesses so the media “cannot attack the Muslim messenger“, but I think it is far more likely it’s being done to railroad these witnesses as McCarthy railroaded his witnesses. This is a calculated attempt to demonize people and create a false cause for oppression.

Lastly, King’s own words speak louder than anything. He is fear mongering and pushing the myth’s of radical Islam in the same way that McCarthy did during the Big Red Scare, the only difference here is that it is a religion and color of skin instead of a political ideology. It is intentional dehumanization and fear mongering to create a sense of fear and urgency of the invisible boogie man who is always probing for ways to end your way of life.

And this is precisely what McCarthyism was all about.


8 thoughts on “Peter King and Joseph McCarthy: More than Just Wishful Thinking.

  1. And lastly there are bloggers who are quick to tie King to McCarty to sink him, which is precisely what congress and the media should be doing.

    That would be propaganda in itself.

    Peter King is trying to sell the existence of a new brand of Red Scare

    The communist in Hollyweird didn’t fly airplanes into buildings, Muslims did, this is a legitimate cause for concern.
    I think you are comparing apples to oranges.

    • I think you missed something. There is a larger threat from Right Wing extremist groups and he is ignoring it.
      This is a non-issue. It was how many years ago? And -gasp- there have been Muslims here for a long long time, much longer than WTC. Extremism isn’t exclusive to Muslims and there has been far more terrorist attacks carried out by Christians in this country than their has Muslims. Why isn’t any one investigating them? Why isn’t any one trying to ban Biblical Law?

      He worked with McCarty’s counsel, by the way.

      What the hell is “Hollyweird”? Pull your head out of the ass of Fox and Beck or stop commenting because you make no fucking sense.

      King is a xenophobic racist and it seems that so are you.

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  3. Mr Caps: Those “Muslims” who flew the plans into the WTC and the Pentagon and crashed in PA were not Americans. They were misguided, ignorant non-Americans who came from outside the United States to attack America’s infastructure. There were 125 terrorist attempts last year: 45 were by self-proclaimed “Muslims” and 80 were by NON-Muslim Americans. You do the math. The only thing that scapegoating a certain group of people does is make white people feel safer. After all, nobody will ever come after them if all non-whites and non-Christians were destroyed, would it? Oh, yeh, that was the ideology of the founding of America.

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