Guantanamo Bay is Still a Problem

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Why is it that the GOP and Obama don’t seem to want to try the people who have been locked up for years?

Yesterday Obama announced that Guantanamo would resume military tribunals for detainees; however he also signed an executive order that would continue indefinite detention for detainees.

While I am not exactly comfortable of the idea of military trials, the executive order is a much larger problem and as we all know there are many who have been detained far beyond reason as well as many that have faced mistreatment and even torture.

A 2010 report stated that there are 240 detainees that were subject to review. The break down on these individuals:

  • 36 listed under active cases and investigations.
  • 30 listed under “conditional” detention.
  • 126 approved for transfer.
  • 48 that cannot be tried but deemed by their holders as “too dangerous” to be released.

There are no numbers on exactly how many detainees they are actually holding by the Pentagon, but we do know that there are at least 48 people who are being detained more than likely for life with out a trial and convection and 6 other who are were up for the review, but are not included in any of the categories.

The primary concern here is the individuals classified under indefinite detention. There are many who argue that this is “best for the safety of America” because these people are “dangerous terrorists and criminals”; however, they lack sufficient evidence to get a conviction and thus won’t be tired. If there is no evidence to get the conviction how can one say with any reason or logic that they are dangerous or terrorists?


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