28 House Members and Not a Single Republican: Islamophobia is Partisan

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Earlier this week I posted about how several GOP representatives are taking a horrific and racist moves against Muslim (and those they believe to be) Muslim individuals both at the national and state levels.

During the last month many republican controlled states have moved to ban Sharia law. Last week Orange County hosted a “Patriotic Rally” in response to a Muslim fund-raiser at which several members of the republican party spoke at. This rally produced some of the most disturbing, vile, and gut-wrenching footage of racism on the right in my lifetime and has been largely cast off by the right as acceptable behavior or an attack on Christianity.

This week GOP representative Peter King (R-NY) will hold a “hearing” for radical Islam. Democratic members, Pete Stark and John Dingell, have started an effort to urge King to reconsider his actions as they are entirely unfounded, utterly racist and completely unnecessary. So far there are 28 co-signers on this letter and not a single republican name appears.

The names:

Baldwin (D-WI), Blumenauer (D-OR), Chu (D-CA), Conyers (D-MI), Edwards (D-MD), Frank (D-MA), Fudge (D-OH), Grijalva (D-AZ), Gutierrez (D-IL), Hirono (D-HI), Holt (D-NJ), Honda (D-CA), Jackson (D-IL), Jackson-Lee (D-TX), Kucinich (D-OH), Lee (D-CA), McCollum (D-MN), McDermott (D-WA), Meeks (D-FL), Moran (D-VA), Polis (D-CO), Rush (D-IL), Schakowsky (D-IL), Scott (D-VA), Serrano (D-NY), and Waters (D-CA)

And the full letter:

Dear Chairman King:

We are writing regarding the Homeland Security Committee’s upcoming hearings, which you have stated will focus exclusively on radicalization among Muslim Americans and homegrown terrorism. We agree that Congress and all levels of government have a duty to protect America from terrorism, whether from abroad or homegrown. We are, however, deeply concerned that the stated narrow scope and underlying premises of these hearings unfairly stigmatizes and alienates Muslim Americans. We ask that you reconsider the scope of these hearings and instead examine all forms of violence motivated by extremist beliefs, rather than unfairly focusing on just one religious group.

We believe that the tone and focus of these hearings runs contrary to our nation’s values. Muslim Americans contribute to our nation’s wellbeing in many professions including as doctors, engineers, lawyers, firefighters, business entrepreneurs, teachers, police officers and Members of Congress. Their hard work helps to make our country exceptional.

Furthermore, casting a negative light on an entire community — rather than focusing on actual dangerous fringes will only strain community relationships and trust that local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have worked hard to develop. Muslim Americans are an integral part of our larger American society and should be treated as such, not viewed with suspicion.

The choice between our values of inclusiveness and pluralism and our security is a false one.

If you wish to examine violent extremism, we ask that you do so by examining violence motivated by extremist beliefs in all its forms. Singling out one religious group and blaming the actions of individuals on an entire community is not only unfair, it is unwise– and it will not make our country any safer.


Pete Stark John Dingell
Member of Congress Member of Congress

CC: Ranking Member Bennie Thompson

I’m just out of words. This is truly heart breaking for to witness. Haven’t we, after all every one this country has oppressed, tormented, murdered for not having the same religion, the same color of skin or didn’t “fit in” in some minuscule way, learned nothing from history?

Same story; different color. Same words; different religion.

Can you give any example in the history of humanity where this has ever ended in anything other than tragedy?


6 thoughts on “28 House Members and Not a Single Republican: Islamophobia is Partisan

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  3. Playing the “race card” or denying the facts does not solve any problems nor does it address the issue at all. The only value to this tactic is to avoid admitting the truth and it’s a lame attempt to discredit those you don’t agree with while absolving you of actually coming up with legitimate and defensible arguments to substantiate your claims. Islamic extremists are the most active and persistent terrorists in the world and their hatred of anything outside their strict belief system drives their murderous hatred. “I am a feminist. I am pro-choice. I am pagan.”: This statement condemns you to death as each claim is sacrilege in their ultra-strict religious view and nothing you could argue to them would prevent either your stoning or beheading. Maybe, just maybe, if you were to swear you’d convert to Islam (their version, that is), they would spare your life. But if you are as committed as you claim to your dogma and refuse to bow down to their convoluted interpretation of what is sacred, they would show you no mercy, I assure you.

    If the Klan were as active and instrumental in terror as your beloved Muslim extremists are today, you would have no problem whatsoever with Mr. King’s commission pursuing the exact same tactics and targeting one particular group. Why? If blacks were once again being lynched or targeted anywhere in the country by numbers anywhere at all comparable to the attacks and/or attempted mass murders recorded thus far by Islamic extremists residing here in the USA, you would be one of those marching in the streets (and rightly so) for their arrests and disbandment. Why are you giving favorable treatment to a group that you yourself are so hated by? Would you be so indignant against the Republicans if they were the only group seeking hearings on the Klan? I think not, and I would like to think that you would be highly critical of the Democrats for not joining in the investigations, just as adamantly as you disparage Mr. King’s commission now.

    If I asked you to pick me up some milk at the grocery store on your way home, why in the world would you look for it in the produce department? By the same token, and if the above Klan comparison were a reality, would you call it “profiling” if the FBI or local police directed their searches in areas known to be Klan strongholds while neglecting to search Harlem or other predominately black neighborhoods? Sure, such tactics would be “politically correct” and demonstrate racial non-bias on the part of law enforcement, but do you really think it productive or do you believe it will save lives? Very valuable time and resources would be wasted under such a scenario while doing absolutely nothing to prevent the Klan from carrying out a terrorist attack against the black community. Where’s the sense in that and how are you protecting the black community from terror if you’re concentrating on “political correctness” rather than sensible detective work? That’s just asinine.

    Islamic extremists are embedded or being recruited here in the USA and they are actively seeking to do as much damage as possible to any that do not conform to Islam, especially we “infidels”, as demonstrated by the “Times Square” attempted bombing, the “Underwear Bomber”, and Major Nadal in the Ft. Hood murders, just to name a few. I may be misquoting the number a little, but I believe I heard the other day that there have been somewhere in the neighborhood of 41 terrorist plots either uncovered or attempted since 911 and all involved Muslim extremists. And yes, there have been several mass murders or attempts NOT attributable to Muslim extremists, but these were either single individuals or tiny groups not associated with each other either ideologically or politically, at least not so much as to make it feasible to concentrate on that particular group as they have no contact with each other and only share the same mind-set. We have a network of mosques and communities devoted to a strict coherence to and implementation of Sharia law and Islamic doctrine…. To ignore this fact is naive, delusional, and ultimately destructive to not only our way of life, but to our lives themselves. The best way to thwart this radical assault is to focus on those areas we believe house the threats. Why is this so difficult for you to understand?

    No one wants to ostracize Muslims nor do we want them to live here in fear or expect them to forsake their civil rights. Mr. King is not asking for the complete round-up of Muslims for interrogations and/or investigation and is only asking that we put more focus and inquiry into those groups suspected of radical teachings or ties. He is actually asking for help FROM the Muslim communities to root out these extremists as they have the closest ties and relations with those that feel comfortable to spout their hatred around their “own kind”. (I hate that phrase) If Mr. King truly wants to prevent another terrorist attack, what sense does it make to antagonize those best situated to help him? By the same token, it is in the best interest of the majority peace-loving Muslims to want these extremists removed from their communities as we’ve all seen just how indiscriminately these murderous bastards take the lives of innocent Muslims either because they live here in peace with us, or only because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time when they staged their attack. These animals have no qualms about murdering Muslims either. Why are you so Hell-bent on defending what you perceive to be civil violations against people that despise even the concept of “Civil Rights”?

    • Could you get any more parroted? The “race card” is just a dismissal of reality. Furthermore, there are extremist groups composed of the very kinds of “KKK” and “NSM” members you are talking about, but King refuses to acknowledge this.

      Next, you are talking about a man who has stated that there are “too many mosques” in America; true no matter how he wants to deny it now. In addition to the falsehood that some ridiculous number of them are “radical”.

      Furthermore, they have as much of a “threat” as any other group. You don’t see a rally to out law their religion now do you?

      Lastly, we live in America where people have freedom of religion. Outlawing Sharia is just stupidity and pointlessness because if one did these things you are so afraid of they would be put in jail; just as Biblical Law doesn’t give you the freedom to rape and murder women. Religion isn’t a get out of jail free and if this religion is so full of violence and hate (though you clearly haven’t read the Bible) these acts would happen even if it was banned.

      It is xenophobic and racist. You want me to believe that people enemies based on fear mongering and dehumanization. I will not because what I see mirrors some of the worst events in history. To ignore that is naive, delusional, and ultimately destructive to not only our way of life, but to our lives themselves.

      Why is that so hard to understand?

  4. I have read your reply 2 or 3 times and still don’t make sense of it… Outlawing Sharia religion is not the goal of Mr. King, only outlawing the Sharia laws embedded and practiced by the extremists of that particular sect of Islam. Sunni Islam has its own strict and harsh interpretation that also warrants our attention as it’s preached in not only mosques here in the states, but throughout the entire world and these schools of thought are addressed by this commission as well. Groups, ANY groups, preaching and extolling the virtues of violence and death to the non-believers of their particular religion or political slant need monitoring and are already being so by our law enforcement agencies. Mr. King’s more direct focus on Islam in this particular commission only makes up for the past and current refusal to be more assertive towards these groups because of fear of being accused of just the very unfounded accusations you and others of your ilk are making NOW! This country is the most tolerant of the varied religions and beliefs of its peoples and yes, in its past one can find instances where this has not always been so. But we as a people have in the past and are currently trying to be all-inclusive and tolerant and where discrimination or intolerance occurs, we work together to eliminate and/or prevent it from occurring again. That’s exactly what Mr. King’s commission is attempting to confront now; a religious or political doctrine which not only violates the civil rights of its own members, but insists these same affronts are applicable to all, including you and me.

    To deny that some of these mosques are in fact teaching this strict form of religious dogma or that Sharia Law is not being demanded in some Muslim communities is a “head-in-the-sand” mentality and a refusal to accept reality. What of the radical imam in Yemen now that not long ago was an American permanent resident using our “freedom of religion” to spout his anti-western rhetoric while convincing Maj. Nadal that America is the “Great Satan” and should be destroyed? Hasn’t his teachings been linked to the “Underwear” and “Times Square” bombers, too as well as the original “911” terrorists? Just yesterday I read in the local paper where “The American”, a radical convert from here in Alabama was possibly killed in Yemen while battling government forces there. He got his radicalization here in the states and was actively pursuing and teaching America’s destruction while here and only left when the atmosphere became too “hot” for him. Even then, he continued his rantings on line trying to convert more of his brethren here in the states to join him in his jihad. These people are serious in their desire to destroy all that do not conform to Islam and they make no effort to hide this fact. When you see a video of one of these idiots telling you, “Convert to Islam or die!!” then cut the head off of the poor soul they’re holding captive to prove their point, I think it’s time to take them serious and believe what they say, don’t you? They don’t ask you to “negotiate” or “come, let’s talk our differences peacefully so that we can live in harmony”…. They say, “Convert or DIE!!!” with no compromise.
    Why are you so naive as to believe they’re just “talking trash”?

    Most Muslims here in the USA don’t adhere to this type of strict interpretation and yes, they deserve and have the same “equal rights” as any other portion of our very diverse population. They are more than welcome to practice their religion here as long as that religious tenet doesn’t interfere with its own members’ civil rights in its implementation. What you are failing to admit or address is the fact that there ARE several communities and mosques demanding their “right” to practice their religion as they see fit and including the discriminatory application of its tenets as practiced in their home countries. Don’t believe me?? Just ask the young woman run over and killed by her own father in Texas in an “honor” killing because she was becoming too “western” and ask the Somalian women living there in the suburbs of Detroit who face the same punishment or are forced to undergo sexual mutilation in accordance to their religion. Ask the cartoonist in Denmark whose only “crime” was to draw a likeness of the prophet or the media outlets here afraid to publish these drawings under death threats if this strict interpretation is not taught outside Islamic countries and here in our own country. Ask the people of New York City, Ft Hood, Tx., N. Carolina, or New Jersey if they believe these teachings exist here in the United States. Hell, just ask anyone who happens to pick up a newspaper more than twice a year. It’s not like these are some random or seldom events we have to search long and hard for. Terrorist plots are being uncovered weekly and sometimes daily and they’re births are NOT confined to the Saudi Arabias of the world. Quite a few have their beginnings right here in the USA and to deny that is to deny reality.

    Lastly, I have in fact read the Bible more than once and don’t recall anywhere in it that I should murder any that don’t convert or conform to Christianity. Nor do I recall any teachings that impel me to commit suicide while killing innocent civilians only because they don’t believe as I do or insult my beliefs. Atrocities committed in the name of Christianity are or were done so because of the misinterpretations or political skewering of its doctrine and the discriminatory language in regard to slaves or the wife’s obligations to “obey their husbands” are antiquated reflections of the times in which it was written. These teachings are not allowed in our society today and where they are attempted, our laws forbid it. I am quite sure Mr. King would want investigations begun on any Christian church or group that advocated bombing subways or hijacking airplanes as a means to further its agenda so I don’t understand your objections to his focus on Muslim extremists groups festering in our country as they are the ones threatening us the most and are quite active in their quest.

    • These teachings are not allowed in our society today and where they are attempted, our laws forbid it.

      Funny how that would apply to Sharia too.
      Why should it be any different for Muslims. The actions of your extremist are just the same as they are for Christianity. Furthermore, perhaps you should read how the Bible really did condone violence against women and burning witches. If these acts of violence cannot be attributed to religion for Christians; they cannot be for Muslims. The problem with violence against women is not religious. It is domestic violence and like all cowards they use their religion to justify it. This isn’t a new problem and it isn’t exclusive to Muslims. Many men claim that their actions are permitted by the Bible and therefore it is okay; including rape.

      To deny that some of these mosques are in fact teaching this strict form of religious dogma or that Sharia Law is not being demanded in some Muslim communities is a “head-in-the-sand” mentality and a refusal to accept reality.

      I never did, I just stated that Peter King is grossly misinforming people and he is. The facts are that Muslim extremism is minimal compared to other groups that Mr. King wants to ignore.

      The rest of your comment is just bile parroted by fear mongering news outlets. I am under no threat of being forced to convert to Islam from extremists any more than I am under a threat from extremist Christians who tell me I should “die, heathen!” almost daily.

      Lastly, since the origins of both religions are the same, even if you don’t want to admit it, they have more in common than you want to tell your self.

      Learn from history or repeat it. The choice is yours; however, I know the truth and I will not dehumanize a group of people based on their religious belief or color of their skin. I am above this xenophobic evil.

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