GOP Senators Endorse Racism

“What’s wrong with the Holocaust survivor we heard speak about not wanting to live under sharia law?”

Representative Ed Royce (R-CA)

Because people who think logically understand that just like Biblical Law; anything that Sharia Law would condemn in any of your ridiculous racists arguments would be illegal because they are illegal. If freedom of religion doesn’t give the radical right a get out of jail free card; then it would logically follow that it would not for Muslims either.  Furthermore, Muslims are not Nazi’s and Nazi’s were Christians; perhaps you should direct your attention to the correct religion?

Further, what I see is assimilated white men believing what ever they are told by the hate and fear machine; Fox News and Glenn Beck.  You are so consumed with hate and fear that rational thought has stopped and you have stopped thinking for your self.

This isn’t okay and it wasn’t okay when it was done to any one else. There seem to be a lot of people who didn’t learn anything at all from history or are simply refusing to see how dangerous this really is.

Have you ever stopped to think about how these people feel, any of you? Especially those that continue to be discriminated against. I don’t understand how you could possibly do that to another human knowing full well that you are playing with fire based on little more than the same dehumanizing propaganda that has been presented in every instance of racism and religious hate in the past.

And it makes my stomach churn.

Do you even know what makes some one not racist? Because all of the Anti-Muslim people seem to think that not being racist means that they support the cause of a particular class or because they have “friends” that are of color. What makes some one not racist is they don’t stereotype, they don’t discriminate and they stand up for the rights of others against a privileged class.

And the war drum continues to pound.

Next week House Homeland Security Chairman (R-NY ignorance) hold a hearing on “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response“. Representative King continues still to promote myths of Islam and asserts that “80 percent of the mosques in this country are controlled by radical Imams.”

Additionally he has stated that Muslims are “an enemy living amongst us”  as well as declaring that “there are too many mosques in this country.”

Too many mosques? Please apply this to Christianity and Muslims are not an enemy. These are the same kind of sickening statements I would expect to be coming out of Nazi Germany. This is the same kind of persecution and what happened started out much the same way.

And that still isn’t the end of it. While conservative Representatives in many states have jumped on the racist anti-Sharia bandwagon, conservatives are taking their hate speech to Educational Policy Conferences. From Think Progress:

At the Educational Policy Conference, a large gathering of social conservatives in St. Louis in January, prominent neoconservative and anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney, and former Colorado State Board of Education member Peggy Littleton sounded the alarm on the “creeping threat” of Gulen schools hidden in President Obama’s landmark education initiative, the Race to the Top program, which encourages innovation in education, including charter schools.”

In an interview with Think Progress, Littleton stated that “[the Obama administration is] intentionally had already thought through how they could have a proliferation and a sneaking creep, if you will, of Gulen schools by embedding their acceptance and even promotion of charter schools under this new wonderful thing of Race to the Top” and that these schools are teaching children to “hate Americans”.

If they hate American’s it is far more likely to be caused by the behavior of the conservative neo-con tea parties than it is the teaching of any one and again this is an example of how the white privileged class believes that they are somehow being oppressed. Even if they were teaching to hate; reverse racism isn’t real and they have little chance of being affected by this pretend “racism”.

Littleton’s partner in crime had even more filth and propaganda to contribute. In his speech Frank Gaffney stated that Gulen schools were “another example of this Muslim Brotherhood kind of operation, stealth jihad” and that they were a tool in “worldwide Muslim caliphate“. He then went on to assert that the name sake of the school is “a fellow who I think envisions himself being the next Caliph” and that the schools are “an insidious, seditious program”.

If that sounds familiar, it is because not too terribly long ago Glenn Beck went on a caliphate rant is driven by communists and the New World Order. At what point do we stop dismissing this as “coincidence” and start calling it what it really is; Gobbles style propaganda?


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